Company Law

Messrs Duffy Toshner & Company can give the sound advice on setting up a business. Advice can be given on incorporating a Limited Company and whether or not this suits your particular needs. We also give advice on how to purchase an existing trading Company. Information and advice can provided on company management and the duties and liabilities of the company and its directors. We also handle and advise on joint ventures between one Company and another. We can deal with Employment Contracts and employment matters. When things go wrong within a company, we can advise on redundancy, dismissal and Compromise Agreements (refer to our section on Employment Law).

Advice can be given on setting up a partnership or embarking on a commercial career as a sole trader.

We are involved in the purchase of property for a Company or a Partnership whether it be a factory unit, an office, an hotel or restaurant, a retail shop or other commercial property. Full and detailed advice can also be given in respect of all aspects of commercial leases.