Family Law

Many marriages and relationships breakdown and the parties go their separate ways. Duffy Toshner & Company can provide you with expert legal advice on all matters concerning separation. We can prepare Separation Agreements to regularise events after your separation, aiming to resolve matters by way of negotiation rather than confrontation. We will advise you on the implications of a Separation Agreement should you choose this route.

Where children are involved, we can provide you with expert legal advice regarding all aspects of Contact and Residence. Whether you seek Contact or seek to refuse Contact, Duffy Toshner & Company are able to provide you with expert legal advice and will be able to represent you through the negotiation stage or the Court Process.
However, it may be that your relationship has broken down and you seek raise Divorce proceedings to obtain Decree of Divorce. Whether you are raising proceedings or whether proceedings have been raised against you, Duffy Toshner & Company understand that these times are difficult and upsetting and will provide you with expert legal advice to guide you through the process.